Hi I'm Monica!

Welcome to my Cali Sober world!

My path to podcast hosting was, like me, anything but straightforward. Forged from a series of life-altering challenges and personal victories over the past three years, my journey through infertility, mental health battles, and embracing sobriety, while navigating the complexities of parenting, has been the true catalyst for my transition into podcasting and cannabis advocacy.

With over 15 years in the corporate world, I am navigating the world of sobriety, motherhood, and advocacy using a wealth of experience, but a newfound resilience and determination to become the person I have always dreamed of being.

My passion lies in connecting with others through my podcast, connecting with incredible humans where I blend my life experiences with a keen interest in cannabis, mental health, parenting, advocacy, and the ever evolving political landscape surrounding THC/CBD.

As the mom of three small humans it's always an adventure balancing marriage, parenthood, work, and mental health - but I'm out here doing it and I hope to inspire you to give yourself grace while you do the same - one THC-infused seltzer at a time.

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Want to hear more about my story? My producer John interviewed me on my own podcast and I tell all in my very first episode of my podcast! Watch below!